Barrier Fire Protection was formed in 1990, to carry out passive fire protection (PFP) to the BP Miller Oil Platform for the North Sea. Since then, Barrier has applied thousands of tons of epoxy intumescents to structural steel, vesssels and pipework.

Barrier Fire Protection

Barrier carries out passive fire protection contracts using all the leading and tested products, backed by supporting technical, and installation services from within the Barrier organisation.

Our fire protection systems comprise of both thick and thin film intumescent coatings developed for blast and jet fire resistance specifications. These may be pinned and metal meshed, or glass and carbon fibre cloth reinforced.

Vermiculite and Gunite coatings can be applied to structural steelwork for Petrochemical and Industrial Sites.

The company has also produced many PFP panels where it has not been possible to apply directly to the steel, or the fireproofing needs to be removable. We have also cast the epoxy into moulds to get a smooth, architectural finish.

Other systems applied include Jackets for valves and actuators, although a more robust method is the Benarx Box system. The box is jet-fire rated and is fully removable. It is easily reassembled onto the valve, unlike the jacket system. Benarx boxes can also be used for flanges and structural steel.

Fire Seals are used between decks on offshore modules, and can be solid or foam. We apply liquid seals (silicon foam), which can be almost any size or complexity.

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Specialist Coatings applicator in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Marine markets. Coatings include Epoxies, Polyurethanes and Thermal Sprayed Aluminium.

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Designer, supplier and installer of Architectural and Insulation systems, including ductwork for HVAC and Modular Accommodation units.

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Applicator of Syntactic Insulation to subsea manifolds and pipelines. Manufacturer of Syntactic Bouyancy for ROVs and subsea flowlines.

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Manufacturer of rubber or synthetic components, ranging from cut gaskets to specialist fabrications, mouldings, extrusions and mandrel-built hoses.